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History of Turkish Van Cats. 1994 2 dr blazer for sale

But its so much more The Turkish Angora is exceptionally beautiful and also cheeky, curious, intelligent, energetic, and playful. The Turkish Angora is an intelligent cat, which loves to interact with its human family. Height is measured up to the shoulders. Ankara used to be called Angora,. The Himalayan is usually a medium-sized cat although she is massive and heavily boned. . Life Expectancy There have been Turkish Angoras known to live into their early 20s.


in 1954, it was not until the mid-1960s that the breed became.



5 lbs.

Much like the similar Somali cat, the Turkish Angora is both friendly and affectionate, being the perfect choice for a family with children or other pets.

One of the most extroverted cat breeds, she loves.

General appearance. The hair is longest on the tail and ruff, and the breed has visible britches on the hind legs. Maine Coon and Turkish angora are two of the most playful cat breeds.

The Turkish Angora is a medium-size cat weighing between 5 and 10 pounds.


in 1954, it was not until the mid-1960s that the breed became.

Temperament & Intelligence of the Turkish Angora.

The Turkish Angora, called in Turkey the Ankara Ledisi, came to be considered a national cat.

There are records that indicate that the Turkish Angora made an appearance in the UK as early as the 14th century already. .

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This rare look is prized by Turkish Angora lovers, but (as in other breeds) white fur and blue eyes can be linked to deafness.


Although the first import on record arrived in the U.

Sep 23, 2022 Both the Maine Coon and the Turkish Van are great cats; however, the Maine Coon is larger, more heavily built, has stronger fur, is more of a lap cat, and has more breeders in the United States.

However, it is not uncommon for the Turkish Angora to adapt well to. friendly toward strangers. The Turkish Angora personality is as striking as its appearance, surpassing many other breeds when it comes to playfulness and affection. It knows how to handle being alone.


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The Turkish Angora is a very old breed that naturally developed. Video of the Day. Size & Weight. . . This Breed is a Championship Cat. Adult males are generally larger and heavier than females. Male. . 10 in. . Turkish Van cats are an ancient, natural breed that evolved in relative seclusion in the mountainous areas of modern-day Turkey.

and Canada in the 1960s. Temperament. Temperament. In fact, angora has two different eye colors.

It appreciates the constant company of its owner or other pets.

They may stand 8-10 inches tall at the shoulder.

They are very rare, especially when compared to most other cats.

8 in.

Secondly, we should take cat breed personality with a pinch of salt.


5 lbs. Jan 21, 2021 The Turkish Angora cat is an intelligent and gorgeous cat. . Sep 16, 2021 The Turkish Angora cat looks exquisitely fancy, with its long, silky fur, inquisitive eyes, and elegant, lean body. The price can vary depending on where you live but still, the average Turkish Angora will cost you somewhere between 250 and 400.

These cats are a fine mix of cuddly and energetic.

The most common and popular color for the Turkish Angora cat is a white coat with blue eyes. . Common Health Problems.